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God’s Time

Kairos 92
Mary Kate Mizzoni
The whole Kairos 92 family

Amidst the hustle of high school life, Kairos 92 emerged as a transformative retreat, beckoning students into a realm of self-discovery and profound connection to God.

Kairos in Greek is “perfect timing” or “God’s time.”

It encapsulates a transformative journey that transcends mere moments and leaves a mark on the retreatants’ lives. Although everyone went for different reasons, everyone also left with a shared Kairos family. 

Students on Kairos with Ms. Houston (Angelo Domingo ’24 )

Caleb House ‘24 stated, “My friend Laila Ali convinced me to go on Kairos. I didn’t know what to expect but it was by far one of my most life changing experiences. I left with a newfound relationship with God. I am grateful she forced me to go because I wouldn’t be where I am now without Kairos.”

Kairos takes retreatants on a four day journey in the wilderness of Vallermo, California. It’s a focus on loving yourself, others, and God. Through Kairos, students delve into confronting their deepest truths, vulnerabilities, and passions. It’s a crucible where profound connections are forged, barriers are broken, and personal growth flourishes. 

Kairos Reatreatant AJ Gaspar ‘24 said, “I was able to get closer with people I have never even seen at school. It was inspiring seeing people so open and honest with one another, which added dimension to the retreat.”

The true greatness of Kairos is intricately woven into the fabric of its leadership. The Leaders for Kairos 92 consisted of all seniors: Isabella Maldonado, Sage Barden, Cassidy Luong, Jacob Tabasa, Angelo Domingo, Mia Lopez, McKenzie Gayheart, William Morse, Cami Miller, and Sabrina Young. Through vision and empathy they worked for weeks to cultivate an environment where there was a root of good experience and vulnerability being celebrated. 

Leader Cami Miller ‘24 stated, “I decided to be a leader because I just felt a strong urge to do so. I didn’t get a lot out of my last Kairos experience and did not want other students to feel the same. So, this was out of the blue but it ended up being an amazing decision. I loved this Kairos because as a leader I felt more empathetic and learned about caring about those around you.”

Kairos retreatants completed the hike to the cemetery.

Whether through shared stories, reflective exercises, or moments of contemplation, Kairos fosters a new sense of understanding, empathy, and belonging. Kairos is not just a moment but a catalyst for profound and unforeseen transformation. 

Lauren Peterson ‘24 stated, “Kairos changed my perspective on myself by allowing me to become more in tune with my feelings and how valid they are. I was able to see a side of others that you typically don’t see and it changed the way I view them and reevaluate my own actions. I feel like I grew a closer connection with God, recognizing how strong my relationship is with him and how it continuously grows each day.” 

To those who have already gone, recall the memories, reflections, and aspects of yourself that you’d like to carry into your own future. From the Kairos 92 family to the Gorman family, we encourage everyone to embark on Kairos if you have the opportunity to do so.

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