Waiting Game: Follow up to College Admissions Process

Anxiety, jealousy, and worry soar amongst high school seniors at this time of year as some play the college waiting game. For many seniors this time of year can be overflowed with congratulations on his or her acceptance. Others are filled with dread when asked about their decision due to their rejection. And yet, there are still some who simply have not heard back from anywhere. 

This is one of the most stressful times for high schoolers. All the hard work in the past four years in Highschool leads up to that one email. Sofia Martinez, a senior, states her relief with her commitment to the University of Alabama.“I was so happy to be accepted not only because it was my first choice but also because the pain of not knowing where I will spend my college years was lifted.” Students who have received deferrals or rejections from their college of choice should not lose all hope. There is a vastitude of chances left. Many colleges do not release their decisions until March. So until then, many students have to sit back and wait. 

This contrast between students receiving decisions and students have not, undoubtedly creates a sense of envy which can divide the student class. It is reassuring to have a plan for your future and seeing that plastered on platforms of acceptance posts on social media is torture for the uninformed students. However, the best advice that can be given is that wherever the student ends up, multiple opportunities are available to utilize the college resources for personal growth. Yes, it is frustrating not to hear back or to get rejected, but that just means the student is one step closer to the final decision. When that decision comes, all the next chore is going to be fighting senioritis and persevering through the last semester of senior year.