Valentines or Galentines?

No matter which one you’re celebrating, spread LOVE this Valentine’s Day



Valentine’s Day is a  holiday filled with joy and lots of love in the air. It is ideally spent with your significant other to share all the good memories and fun moments you have spent with each other. It is important to celebrate Valentine’s Day so that you can also spread love into the world. 

You can live up to and fulfill your dreams of having a perfect relationship like Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore. Instead of spending your Valentine’s Day sad and alone, spend it with a special someone you love and will have the time of your life with. There are many ways to do something special for someone you love. Getting them gifts, writing words of affection, and even buying them candy grams that help donate to a good cause.

Jenna Lucero said, “I would be very happy to get a candy gram, and it’s even better because the money goes to Mite Box.”  Even small details can make someone’s day and make them feel loved and appreciated.  You can take someone to a special dinner or ask them to be your Valentine in a creative and unique way. Lucero stated, “I was surprised when I saw how creative he was and it made my day.”

Remember that Valentine’s Day is about more than just fancy dinner and cute little notes. It’s about love and making sure someone knows that they make your life better. St. Valentine once said, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Be Your Own Valentine

By Makenzie Medford ’26

Miley Cyrus doesn’t have to be the only one buying herself flowers this year, ladies. With Valentine’s Day’s impending arrival, you might find yourself feeling down because you don’t have a Valentine, or maybe you’re celebrating Galentine’s with your friends. Either way, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love for anyone, not just your partner. Tell your friends and family you love them this Valentine’s Day and make sure to tell yourself how much you love being you! 

Valentine’s Day dates all the way back to the year 496 in Rome. For the Romans, it was started to celebrate women and fertility, whether the women were married or not. See- even some of the first women to celebrate this holiday were their own Valentine! If that isn’t ensuring enough for you, I asked some of the ladies on campus why they love being their own Valentine. Mila Mayo ‘25 said, “I would say self love is important because loving yourself should always come before loving anybody else. It’s important to be your own Valentine because then you could treat yourself to something you like to do.” 

If you still want to spend Valentine’s Day with someone you love and are close with, Galentine’s Day may be the perfect option for you. Lots of girls are celebrating it this year. One student, Claudia Cabrera ‘26, expressed “I am excited about Galentine’s Day because I have planned something me and my friends can enjoy without being moody that we don’t have a Valentine.” So many women on Valentine’s day feel down, or even ashamed to be spending the day alone, but you don’t have to. Cabrera later stated, “ I think it is empowering for women to have a Galentine’s Day because it shows that women can celebrate Valentine’s Day with their friends and still have a great time. It also shows the bonds and friendships women have with each other and how strong those bonds are.”