Star soccer player Hunter Borgel named Nevada Preps Girl’s Athlete of the Week


Phot by Borgel

Hunter Borgel playing in a BGHS game against Coronado High School

Makenzie Medford ‘26, Sports Writer

Varsity women’s soccer player, Hunter Borgel, named Nevada Preps Girl’s Athlete of the Week.

Junior Hunter Borgel was named Nevada Preps Girl’s Athlete of the Week. 

Borgel was shocked when she received the news, “I was very surprised. I wasn’t sure if it was real.”

She even revealed that she was initially unaware that any athlete from any sport could have been chosen; the award is not exclusive to soccer. “That definitely made it more special considering there are so many talented girl athletes from all schools that could’ve been chosen.” 

Borgel claimed, “As an athlete, it feels amazing to get recognition for what I’ve done so far with my career, it was very rewarding for me to receive the title. It makes me motivated to continue my hard work and practice more and more.”