Creativity in action

Art Gallery 2023

The end-of-year art gallery for this year was a sight to see. Showcasing students’ work from all levels of art classes, it was a beautiful display of the talents and creativity of Bishop Gorman students. 

The art gallery this year was organized by a team of teachers: Ms. Allen, Mr. Calkins, Mr. Cava, Mr. Dominique, Mrs. Feely, and Ms. Hall. 

This gallery was also an excellent way for AP art students to showcase their vast portfolios. According to Mrs. Feely, “The AP students tend to have a more developed portfolio with a themed body 

Photo: Makenzie Medford

of work that they have worked to create all year.  They have accompanying statements about the work with a discussion of materials, ideas, and their development.”

It is also a way for students to see and realize how they have advanced throughout the course of the year. Junior Sarah Schmitt explained, “I enjoy seeing the progress that peers and I have made throughout the year in their artwork.” 

In addition to helping students track progress and showcase their best works, it is a way for them to express their creative spirit. The combination of sculptures, photos, paintings and drawings was a gorgeous visual of what Bishop Gorman art students are capable of.