The future for BGTV

BGTV in the 2023-2024 school year


Photo by: BGTV Students

Students hosting BGTV5 filming in seventh period

BGTV5 Mondays and BGTV Fridays offer school news and announcements by Bishop Gorman students for Bishop Gorman students. 

BGTV has been a Friday staple for several years.  However, with the addition of BGTV5 on Mondays, the Bishop Gorman broadcast class has had the opportunity to create even more content for the student body.  The Broadcast class does most of the work during third and seventh period, but, according to Mr. Valle the Broadcast Media instructor, “The actual BGTV episodes are recorded Friday mornings, and BGTV5 episodes are recorded Monday mornings, both at 7am.” 

Students filming an episode of BGTV5 in seventh period. (BGTV Students )

But what are the plans for BGTV next year?  Mr. Valle said that “BGTV and BGTV5 will continue next year, and hopefully every year.” 

In addition to the current BGTV studio in the black box theater, the new student union will bring a new broadcast studio that will hopefully make it so BGTV can produce more episodes. Mr. Valle expressed “Someday we hope to do BGTV5 every Monday through Thursday for the morning announcements, and BGTV on Fridays!”