Why go on a BGHS campus ministry retreat?

Students on Kairos 88 Retreat

With the final retreats of the ‘22-’23 school year coming up, it is important for students to know why retreats are so amazing.

The next Quest is taking place on February 9-10 and Kairos is taking place March 28-31. Students attending one of these Spring 2023 retreats are greeting this with excitement and nerves.

“I want to learn more about my faith in a fun way…I’m excited to go with my friends, but nervous because I don’t really know what to expect,” Freshman Karoline Watters explained. Watters also stated later that she is “a little worried” to miss out on notes and classwork while she is gone, but as according to former retreat alumni, there is no need to worry about that. As confirmed by Freshman Kahlen DuFrene, who went on Quest in November, “most of my teachers just emailed me the notes that was reviewed on those days. They also told me that I have three days to make up all the missing work I had. That’s how I mainly caught up with all the missing work.”

Retreats allow students an opportunity for reflection and time away from the stresses of day to day life. As explained by Freshman Sofia Vanderpool, another attendee of the November Quest, “It made me think about my life more, and I am happy that I went…I think I am a little more at peace with myself after the retreat.”

Ms. Sample, a Theology teacher and Campus Ministry Advisor, gave some insight on what retreats and campus ministry are really about. “Our retreats are open to all of our students. You don’t have to be Catholic. It’s just a time away from school to connect with God. Or if you’re not sure about God, it’s a chance to get away and discover what it is that you believe and why,” she informed. She also believes that planning and going on retreats has helped her grow in her relationship with God. Sample explained, “So my work in retreats is continually reminding me that there is never a place in our relationship with God where, like, we stop.” She also said that, like many of the students who go on a retreat, she feels refreshed and relaxed when she comes back from one.

Sample also feels it is important to go on these retreats to spend time with God and keep a relationship with him. “Our relationship with God is like our relationship with any friend that we have or our family members. If you don’t spend time together and you’re not intentional about prioritizing that relationship, then you grow apart and distant.” Retreats are a great outlet to grow in your relationship with God.